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Forces of Nature Art Show at Thumbprint Gallery 2


Last Saturday, April 2nd had the privilege of attending and photographing the “Forces of Nature” Art Show at Thumbprint Gallery 2. Hosted by Brady Willmott of 454 Tattoo and Sierra Colt of Bearcat Tattoo Gallery. Both artists came up with the idea of doing their own solo show after participating in a number of large group shows. Both artists were motivated to paint and pushed themselves to create an entire collection worthy of a solo show. Needless to say that both artists hit it out of the park.

Sierra’s collection focused on hands and the people they are attached to. Telling the story and emotion of the subject while only focusing on the hands. Hard to do, but Sierra composed each oil painting in a way that shows you don’t need to see an entire subject to create a story and feeling. His pieces range from a self portrait to his son’s hand telling the story of moments in time.

Brady’s collection features surreal images of morphed human and animal creatures. Combined to tell the story of social issues or just to get a questioning head tilt to figure out exactly what the collaboration of species is. Using his talent for oil painting Brady combines his subjects that is entirely his own, from skulls to surf to hot rods, Brady twists and turns his pieces into incredible works of art.

Originals and prints of most the pieces from the show are available for sale. Contact the artists directly if you are interested in purchasing something new for your collection.

Brady Willmott – Facebook –

Sierra Colt – Facebook –

Great job guys. Can’t wait to see what the next show holds!

All photos courtesy of Veronica Eisert – Photos are not to be reprinted without permission of the photographer and

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