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Ink Fusion Event at Bearcat Tattoo Galley


Tuesday night Bearcat Tattoo Galley hosted their annual Ink Fusion event. Ink Fusion is a concept taken from art collaborations and adapted for tattooing by Sierra Colt and his talented group of artists. The event inspires ideas from classic tattoo imagery to create a single collaborative tattoo piece. All artists select three tattoo elements at random a week before the show and are then tasked with fusing those elements together to sketch out a rough idea, which will be refined by the other artists throughout the night. This years combinations included: 1) skeleton key, rope and moon 2) centipede, cathedral and filigree 3) raven, nebula and fox glove, 4) hourglass, carnivorous plant and fire 5) wing, snake and gears. All of which you can see were combined beautifully in the photos we took at the event.

Ink Fusion started three years ago with three artists and has added an artist each year since. This years artists included Bearcat artists Sierra Colt, Chad Whitson, Nate Anderson, Alonzo Villa and Hoss Cruz. All of the client participants in the event knew that they would be getting tattooed for five hours but had no idea of the subject matter. They put their trust in the five artists as they rotated stations every hour until all five artists had the chance to put their creative spin on the piece. The final outcome of each tattoo represents the collaborative design and execution of five artists working outside their comfort zones, all working together to create something amazing.

All of the clients left the event with smiles, great tattoos and a cool story to share, while the artists had a new sense of combined accomplishment. All together the event was another artistic success. In case you missed the event there is a live video of the event on Periscope. Search @cbuckwild and you will find the video. Also enjoy the photos from the event below. Looking forward to next years Ink Fusion event and more great events and art shows put on by Bearcat Tattoo Gallery.


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